What does RYU/RYM do exacty?

RYU offers real world financial education not readily available on the marketplace. Replace Your Mortgage (RYM) teaches folks a far more efficient form of financing real estate utilizing a first lien position Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) combined with our cash flow strategy. Replace Your Banker (RYB) is the next evolution in your financial journey to success. RYM teaches you to avoid mortgage lenders, but RYB teaches you how to get away from the dependencies of banks and how to create your own family bank. Replace Your Employer (RYE) teaches a strategy to create a side hustle and overtime eliminate the need to have an employer via
building a successful and profitable real estate portfolio. Replace Your Dollar (RYD)
teaches a strategy of leveraging your capital in the markets built by RYM, RYB and RYE
to maximize your rate of returns. Replace Your Mindset (RYMindset) teaches folks to
develop a strong mental game and tap into the real capacity everyone must achieve
what previously seemed impossible.

To learn more, watch this video which explains most of the questions people have about what we do- Pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years | Replace Your Mortgage (replaceyouruniversity.com)